Friday, May 18, 2007

more Doublings from back then

The Doubling Riders — Garama

Here's one I've been meaning to post for far too long...
With the encouragement of Andy, this a 1991 release from the brilliant Italians that brought you Doublings & Silences Vol I & Vol II.
I must admit that my favourite of these is still Vol II...

01 Garama
02 La Pista del Kidal
03 Ultimi Porti
04 Triboli Gao
05 Plus Nubiae
06 Oltre Cydamus
07 Djerat
08 Kaossen
09 I Graffiti di Orione e delle Pleiadi
part1 part2 part3 [224kbps 1991]

if you like the sound of this, thanks to "anon"
there are 4
(four) more amazing releases from Roberto Musci & various collaborators in the comments!
check them out!