Sunday, October 29, 2006

Zeuhl Portal

After an un-annouced break (sorry about that) I return with a favourite:
UNIVERIA ZEKT – The Unnamables

Here’s a recording from 1971 by members of French band Magma, recorded under the name Univeria Zekt. From 1969 Magma, led by über-drummer Christian Vander, had defined their own musical genre, known as "Zeuhl", devising their own language ("Kobaian") to present music with a kind of manicly intense operatic sci-fi fervour, which I can best describe as like Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana on acid!
The recording presented here was made following Magma’s second official release (1001° Centigrades), apparently to attract a wider audience: On the first side many of the lyrics are sung in English and the music begins with a conventional rock structure, but as the recording progresses the music and the lyrics return to Zeuhl, literally leading the listener into the rich and bizarre landscape of their creation.
If you like the sound of this there is a whole universe to explore, from the many recordings of Magma to the other groups that were clearly influenced by them, including Belgian bands Universe Zero (clearly the name is the English translation of the Kobain "Univeria Zekt") and Art Zoyd.
This rip is from the vinyl LP. It has been re-released on CD with extra photos and info. Get it if you can...

- Christian Vander / drums, percussion, voice (6)
- Klaus Blasquiz / vocals (4 & 7), percussion
- Francois Cahen / pianos
- Francis Moze / bass, organ
- Teddy Lasry / saxes, flute, organ
- Jeff Seffer / saxes
- Tito Puentes / trumpet
- Claude Engel / electric & acoustic guitar
- Zabu / vocals (2)
- Lionel Ledissez / vocals (4)

Find out more in the Prog Archives about Magma and Zeuhl.

track listing
1. You Speak And Speak And Colegram
2. Altcheringa
3. Clementine
4. Something's Cast A Spell
5. Ourania
6. Africa Anteria
7. Undia

get it (Studio Album, 1971 @192kbs)