Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"The economy thrives day after day"

CAN — Zhengzheng Rikang

Here's a new rip of the somewhat mysterious un-catalogued vinyl recording by Can, which first appeared a couple of years ago.

"No catalogue number, no bar code, no credits and no record label mentioned. Hmmmmmm. Bootleg? Or obscure release? On the back sleeve, the only other details apart from the track listing and the fact that it was recorded 1968/69 at Schloß Nörvenich is the phrase "Die Wirtschaft gedeiht Tag für Tag" — "The economy thrives day after day".
What you have here are some fascinating alternative versions of classic Malcolm Mooney-era Can and a couple of new songs. "Little Star Of Bethlehem", for instance, has some intriguing backing vocals with harmonies that wouldn't sound out of place on a Beach Boys record! "She Brings The Rain" is performed in a rawer, more stripped down version. "Outside My Door" and "Pnoom" sound completely different here.
Throughout the record, the sound quality is excellent and these are definitely not rough demos. Probably alternative takes or other parts of the jam sessions that were edited down for the finished studio versions. "Father Cannot Yell" definitely sounds like the later, with different lyrics and bass parts, it sounds like it could be part of the same take. The new tracks that end each side are both OK. Not as great as the other stuff, but still thorougly enjoyable. If you're a Can head and you've played your copies of "Monster Movie" and "Delay 1968" too many times for comfort, then this is an essential album."
- review from

There was another rip floating around a year or so ago but the tracks were not separated and at 128kbps the sound not so good methinks.
The last three tracks are unseparated as per the album tracklist.

A1 Father Cannot Yell
A2 Pnoom(h) I
A3 Little Star Of Bethlehem
A4 Melting Away
B1 (My) Connection
B2 She Brings The Rain
B3 Outside My Door
Pnoom(h) 2
Greyhounds Greyhound

enjoy! @192kbps


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks. Although a fan I didn't have this release yet.
A Can a day keeps the Britneys away!


Sat Apr 05, 09:27:00 PM GMT+11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, i remember the old one, kept it on the harddrive soo long waiting for some way to chop it down,.. let it go, finally, thanks for this, it is a great recording... gordon

Tue Apr 29, 11:22:00 PM GMT+10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

love the way that every year I seem to come across another batch of classic can! thanks for putting this my way

Thu May 22, 07:20:00 PM GMT+10  
Blogger Gravalax said...

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Sun Jul 13, 09:10:00 AM GMT+10  
Blogger Totentanz Total said...

Hi there! What about a link-exchange? I've your blog linked in my one, because I think your blog is a very nice one! :)


Mon Sep 15, 08:24:00 AM GMT+10  
Blogger Blair said...

That is a band I think you might like, and I think kinda fits your blog. It is their new ep leak, I included the cover and everything. You should check it out and post, if you think your readers will like it, I like the stuff you put on your blog and I love this, so I assume others will!

Their name is Darling's Cabinet of Sundry Horror, and its kind of like gothic folk/protopunk/indie/circus music, For fans of the birtday party and the violent femmes, and maybe even marilyn manson or Tom waits.

Fri Nov 28, 12:56:00 PM GMT+11  
Blogger peskypesky said...

Yes!! I had that earlier 128k it's great to get this in higher quality. It's quite a good slab of Can.

Tue Jan 20, 11:41:00 AM GMT+11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obvious bootleg- distributing leads to legal issues, duty, tax etc. Thus, anonymity.

Wed Mar 11, 12:56:00 PM GMT+11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one! I hadn't come across these versions before...


Sat Jun 06, 09:39:00 PM GMT+10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

made my day

Tue Jul 21, 05:44:00 AM GMT+10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Tue Aug 04, 04:53:00 PM GMT+10  
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Anonymous Jacques de Villiers said...

Without making this post eligible as spam, I was just wondering what policy you guys have for someone who is interested in promoting their own music through this blog. At the very worst, you get to listen to some new music :)

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Blogger blxl said...

You might find this interesting.

We refer to it as "Analog Music from a Lost World" — previously unreleased post-punk experimental rock from 1981, unlike anything else recorded before or after.

Jason Sigal, Managing Director at WFMU said:
"This is amazing stuff and we would be honored to feature it in wfmu's curated portal on the free music archive. I'm very sorry for our slow response, we have a lot of stuff to wade through to find gems like these."

Mon Mar 01, 04:24:00 AM GMT+11  

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