Monday, June 04, 2007

something completely different

Goliard — Fortune My Foe

This is a privately released LP from 1978 by English duo Chris Brown & Andrew Geuter.
For fans of medieval/mittelalter/re-enactment music only — it is raw and un-produced medieval folk — no etherial darkwave moods here!
The archive includes a pdf of the accompanying 20 page A4 booklet, with detailed notes on medieval musical life and explanations & illustrations of medieval instruments.

From the booklet:
"The prime objective of GOLIARD's performances is to achieve as authentic a sound as possible, removing the instruments from the hallowed atmosphere of the museum showcase to present their strange voices to as wide an audience as possible. Because they themselves started from scratch in both the fields of music and instrument-making, a great sympathy has grown between GOLIARD and mediaeval music, for they are following exactly the same pattern set by 12th and 13th Century wandering musicians who had to construct their own instruments and develop their own styles of performance.
A lot of beautiful recordings of mediaeval music have been made in the last ten years by many skilled people, but GOLIARD hope to add some correct perspective to the mediaeval sound by giving to their performance a vitality and understanding which they feel cannot be created by classically trained musicians, nor approached by a large group of specialist musicians brought together on the concert platform."

01. 13C Dance, A L'Entrada del Tems Clar
02. Dulce Solum
03. Winder, wie ist Nu Din Kraft
04. El Mois de Mai, De Se Debent Bigami, Kyrie
05. Estampie Royale
06. Der Kuninc Rudolp
07. Chose Tassin, Chramer Gip Diu Varwe Mier
08. Vite Perdite
09. Rex Immense, Vinum Bonum Cum Sapore
10. Estampie
11. In Taberna Quando Sumus
12. Exul Ego Clericus
13. A Solis Ortu, Danse Royale

golly! [192kbps 1978]
extra cover files - for completists only