Sunday, June 25, 2006

Decoding the Lie

"information is like a bank
our job is to rob that bank"

—Genesis P-Orridge in Decoder

In 1983, Dave Ball (Soft Cell) & Genesis P-Orridge (Psychic TV), along with other artists such as FM Einheit (Einstürzende Neubaten) and Matt Johnson (The The) provided a soundtrack for a German film, 'Decoder', that starred William Borroughs, Christiane F, and a cameo from Genesis P-Orridge.

film synopsis from Amazon:
A thriller which expands on the phenomenon known as 'Musak' — an artificial product, created by scientists, musicians and marketing experts who construct a particular tonal sequence designed to increase productivity in a factory and enhance wellbeing. This film is a blend of reality and fiction: surreal, metaphorical imagery interwoven with heavy music words and special effects. German soundtrack.

This rip is from the vinyl edition of the soundtrack
note: Some of the tracks on the LP run together:
To maintain continuity I haven’t split these into sepperate files.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both of these are interesting, sooo, Thanks for the shares!
Linked you up also ; )

Mon Jun 26, 08:12:00 PM GMT+10  
Blogger rich said...

What a find. I'll have to get you linked up to my blog also. Great work!

Tue Jun 27, 05:56:00 AM GMT+10  
Blogger Loopy C said...

What they said, and thanks for not splitting linked tracks ;-) Really disrupts things when iTunes 'gulps' in the middle of a segue.

Wed Jun 28, 06:36:00 AM GMT+10  
Blogger trainwreck said...

i love this movie, but my vcr is broke so i havent seen it in a while
thanks for the memories

Fri Jul 07, 09:06:00 AM GMT+10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merci pour cette BO que je ne connaissais pas (malgré que j'aime la musique des 4 artistes cités). ... Reste à trouver ce film maintenant.

Tue Nov 14, 08:36:00 AM GMT+11  
Anonymous ralf siemers said...

my podcast show wunschmaschinenklang features exclusively very short tracks (59 seconds or less) of rarely heard sonic incidences: qrz039 has some information about the decoder soundtrack and operation mindfuck, of course. you can find genesis p-orridge and more here:

all the best

Thu Apr 05, 10:14:00 PM GMT+10  
Blogger whitepunksondope said...

One of my favourite ever films and a great name for your blog..really suits the content. I cannot recommend seeing this film highly see Genesis P. Orridge, William S Burroughs and Christiane F.(former junkie child prostitute who wrote an amazing autobiography and there is a great film version of said book with Bowie live)in the same space-time is wonderful. An often overlooked can get it by searching for decoder on any torrent site.

Great blog...

Sun Oct 18, 09:25:00 AM GMT+11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Movie on DVD and soundtrack on CD just released on TRANSPARENCY !!!!

Tue Feb 09, 10:03:00 AM GMT+11  

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