Sunday, June 25, 2006

welcome to decoder...

...where I plan to post some interesting music from the avant-derriere end of town.
I have separated it from my other full album blog realm of |X| to avoid the disquiet that this music seems to generate amongst lovers of more relaxing genres...


Blogger Loopy C said...

Looking forward to it ;-)

Wed Jun 28, 06:34:00 AM GMT+10  
Blogger Asclepius said...

wow, i've been following your other blog for a little while now & i never would've suspected - it's great to come across a fellow musical schizophrenic. thanks for all the great stuff (especially love the minatures comp. what a gem!)

Thu Jul 06, 05:05:00 AM GMT+10  
Blogger Jörg said...

just found your blog through dorfdisco.
There seem to be lots of interesting music here! have alook at my blog, maybe not that far out there, but if you are interested in original NDW have alook now and then.

Fri Sep 01, 12:47:00 PM GMT+10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i luv your blog!

best regards,

Tue Sep 05, 11:22:00 PM GMT+10  
Blogger medication-drug said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Fri Dec 15, 12:56:00 AM GMT+11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like the artists. but decoder is one of
the badest compilation i know.

Mon Feb 12, 08:44:00 AM GMT+11  
Blogger benito x said...

Well anon, you may have missed the point of this post. This is a soundtrack from an obscure movie, not a compilation...

Mon Feb 12, 08:56:00 AM GMT+11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you very much for creating this blog , i have just found it today but already i know it will hold a special place in my heart.

Fri Oct 19, 06:16:00 AM GMT+10  

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